My husband and I have two investment units we want to sell in Auckland, New Zealand, one this financial year, and one next. My husband asked my advice which agent to go with and I said,“Well, who has impressed you with their real estate selling techniques? Who has been chasing you on email or phone for your business consistently in the last 3 years? Who has been sending you useful information over the years to stay in touch?” He had two agents who immediately sprang to mind so we contacted them both for their sales propositions to sell our unit.

They both had the same commission rate so nothing to differentiate  their real estate selling techniques one from another but then we were going to New Zealand in February for my Global Speakers Conference  and wanted to set up an appointment to meet with each one of them .  Unfortunately Ben, the subject of this newsletter was going away for 4 weeks on holiday and would not be there.  Therefore we met with Deborah, the other agent. She was intelligent, experienced and had proof that she had sold more units in our building than anyone else. She also had good rapport with the owner of the building so she had easy access to the building whenever she needed. We were quite happy to go ahead with her and signed the contract.

The advert went out for our unit and the phone rang. It was Ben, the competing agent. He wanted to know why, as an agent who had kept in touch with us for the last 3 years, who had what he thought was good rapport with us, had not won the business. Put on the spot, the only thing I could think of saying was that he had not been around when we actually went to New Zealand. We had wanted to meet our future agent face to face and he was away on holiday which was unfortunate. His response was “Well, we all have to go on holidays at some time. I am sure you go on holidays don’t you?”(I was being made to feel guilty!) He continued, “Without meeting me you know I would have looked after you because I have kept in touch with you. So now you owe me something. I know you have another unit to sell next year and I want you to guarantee I can be the one to sell it for you. I have sold more units in that block than anyone. I want your guarantee now?” (He started to raise his voice with some aggression which lost me.)

“”W0000, steady on” I said, “All I can guarantee is that I will ask you for a proposal, is that fair?”
“No it isn’t”, he said. “I want your guarantee now that I can sell your second unit for you”.

I could not wait to tell you this story. I give Ben credit for calling me after he had missed out on the sale. He wanted to learn from the feedback why he did not get the sale so he could do things better next time. I hope you would do that too. However, his tone changed to an aggressive one to cajole me into saying “Yes”, to give him my next job. That turned me off. The timing was not good either as I was not wanting to sell the other unit yet. Please write your comments below about a better way Ben could have done this.

(Please note names of people in this article are fictitious to protect privacy)

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