Why Do Sales Coaching?

Sales Coaching with a professional expert can accelerate your sales much faster than you doing the job alone.

As some of my clients are overseas and interstate, many of the sessions are done online on zoom from my office.  60% of people I attract are already working for companies and pay for themselves because they want to become better at what they do.  That means they are already self-motivated which is such a vital quality to have in sales.

A Recent Sales Coaching Client Scenario

My newest sales coaching clent is 23 year old Mary from Queensland.  Mary is trying to get members for a gym by following up people she met in shopping centre promotions and offering them a free trial session.

On her first session with me, we developed a compelling  script .After a week trialing it, she reported
“I have applied the script we created and my call to appointment rate SHOT UP!”

Below you will find the issues she wanted resolved on our second session.   Maybe you have similar issues and will be able to use my answers.

Mary’s Questions and My Answers on our second call

Mary:  “What do I do when the lead never picks up the phone? Do I text them?”

Coach:  “Definitely not because text messages need to be short and you cannot possibly get the emotion required for someone to take action by pushing them a curt text message they never asked for. You will more than likely get “No thanks” back and then it is hard to get back into the conversation. Text messages are good for confirming appointment times or specifics you have agreed but they are hopless for selling.

When you reach them by phone, you at least have the opportunity to build rapport and create a picture of what will happen when they take action to start an exercise programme. (I.e the “Why”) Also, because the conversation is two ways, you get a chance to handle each of the rebuttals.

If you really cannot reach the person by phone, send an email with great sales copy.  There is a winning formula for this which will be the topic of my next newsletter.

Mary   “What are some engaging text messages?”

Coach:  I can’t think of any other than an invitation – “You are invited to take up the offer of  a free trial session of personal coaching  this week.so you can start to release those 5 kilos you said you wanted to lose Which day and time can you come this week so we can get you started?” (Always include the “Why”, i.e. their reason for coming to the gym that they said at your first meeting).

Mary:     “How long should text messages be?”

Coach:    “Certainly no longer than the above example  – 2 to 3 lines.”
Mary:      “What do I say when I speak to them on the phone and they won’t commit to a time?  They say, “”I’ll give you a call” or “I’ll come when I’m free but I can’t tell you a time right now.”

Coach:      You will play telephone tag forever more if you are not proactive and offer to call them back to get their decision.  You can say “That’s okay, quite understand.  To facilitate the free session and make sure you have the best experience, it is important that I am here when you come in… My hours are ……….and I am  often on the phone so howabout I ring you on ………when you might be clearer about your week’s commitments.What is the best time to reach you?”

Mary:      “”When is the best time to call?”

Coach:    Try every hour of the day and keep  a track of the result of each call each hour, each day.
Over a week if there is a pattern of people not answering at certain times, you know not to waste time calling at that time in future.  Do your calls in 2 hour sessions, then a break. That way you build momentum.


Sales Coaching Role Play

We ended this session with a role play of the  telemarketing script we had created on the previous session.for the first follow up call.  Mary sounded good, positive and confident but I found she was asking the client too many questions.  When making an appointment it is best to sell the idea of the appointment and only ask one, maximum two open-ended questons.  You can ask more questions and sell the product or service when the client meets you face to face.

When you would like a coaching session to get a change in your sales results.,call me on 02 9427 3479 or 0414 543 289 or email jenny@telesalestraining.com.au to give me a choice of 3 times that would suit you for one hour. I promise it will be worth your while. For individuals like Mary who are paying for themselves, I offer a concession so you can afford it. Simply let me know. Here is more info on coaching

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