Managers are worried that their sales and telesales team is forgetting basic sales/telesales etiquette and using language that is too casual. In case you are guilty of this, here are some alternative words you can try using instead.

Sales and Telesales Etiquette

1. Calling customers “Mate”.
If you are calling people and they call you mate first, then it is okay but some people take this to extreme and use the word every sentence. Whenever you think of saying “mate”, simply use the person’s name. It is more professional and builds rapport.

2. Yep, Yep – “Yes” is more professional!

3. Someone asks you how you are, you say “Not Bad”. Instead be more positive and say “Fantastic” or “Excellent” . It sounds much more enthusiastic.

4. “Cheers” – say “Thank you for your call” or “Good-bye.”

5. “No worries” – “That’s okay”,”That’s great”, “That’s fine”, “Excellent”, “Brilliant”, “That’s good”. Remember we only use positive words in sales.

6. “Bear with me” say “Would you mind holding for a moment?” (Wait for the customer’s answer).

7. “I have a good deal for you.” – a good offer is more professional.

Remember you only get 15 seconds to make a first good impression on the phone. Let it be a positive one.

Sales Etiquette For Face to Face Sales People

1. Good manners cost you nothing. The value is you will gain credibility, confidence and ultimately increase your bottom line

a) Be on time

b) Call if you are late

c) Have plenty of business cards on you at all times kept in a box or case

d) Have a firm handshake

e) Smile, eye contact and use the customer’s name

f) Listen, pay attention, and take notes

g) Don’t be too familiar, no rude jokes,jargon orswearing

h)Don’t put the competitors down

i)Know the difference between friendship and good customer relationships

j)Men to give equal attention to female customers when a male and female customer is together.

k) When you invite someone out you pay.

l)Treat internal colleagues like customers

m)Follow up when you say you will. Call customers you have sold to ask for referrals. Look for opportunities to sell more.

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