My husband and I have just returned from a 7 night tour to China

The Sales Techniques Common To Each Place Visited Were:-

  1. We were only taken to government- owned centres so we could be confident that  their goods were authentic.We were told the prices were fixed, so there was no need to bargain.
  2. They had excellent English speakers as guides who were interesting, credible and they educated us first before selling.
  3. They all used the same selling technique of creating fear of what would happen to you if you did not  purchase their offer. They knew they had a target market of over 60s who would be interested in preventing death, heart attack, high cholesterol, arthritis  etc. Therefore they customised their message to their market well.

The Visit To The Silk Factory China – Best Sales Experience Ever!

We were privileged to hear the Manager of the silk factory who spoke superb English, give a great rendition on how silk is made and how authentic their silk is.

Here was her sales process

  1. Educate first
  2. Pick a problem that most of the audience would either have or would get in the future if they were over 60. In our case it was arthritis.
  3. She put fear into us about having this disease and how it would get worse unless we chose to sleep in silk sheets and doonas which ease and prevent arthritis because they do not absorb moisture. In fact what she did was to go around the room and tell each person whether they already had arthritis or would be prone to getting it in the future by looking at the back of their hands.  She was correct with her prognosis about those that already had it so she won credibility.
  4. She then aggravated the problems with having arthritis and did a practical demonstration of how silk repels water. Not sleeping in a damp environment helps arthritis enormously she told us.
  5. She then made a great sales presentation that made almost  everyone on our tour spend $750.
    She explained answers to objections that we might have had running in our head before we could verbalise them and handled them beautifully.
  6. She quoted a price of $650 for a silk duvet and cover sewn into one and an under mattress. We all gasped but then what she did was add massive value so the price no longer looked expensive.

We would get  one extra duvet cover free, 2 free pillow slips, a silk scarf and it would all be shipped for free. Not only that we all thought we might as well buy 2 silk pillows too which bumped the price up to $750.

I consider that experience was smart selling and I still feel I have great value.  How could you apply this strategy to your own product or service?

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