So how many of the sales emails that you write get deleted before they are read? If the subject line doesn’t grab your prospects immediately, it will certainly get deleted.

A recent survey resulted in the 2013 Adestra Subject line Analysis Report . It reviewed over 2 billion corporate emails and discovered the words in the subject line that are most likely and least likely to have your emails opened. Here they are below :-

Words that increase the open rate of corporate emails

Alert                                         Report
Free Delivery                     Forecasts
Bulletin                                  Intelligence
Daily                                         Weekly
News                                         10% (i.e. specific figure) discount

Words that decrease the open rate

Newsletter                             Monthly
Sale                                             Buy Now

Words that increase the open rate of business to consumer emails

Review                                     Video
Update                                     Limited
Special                                     Question marks ?

Words that decrease the open rate of business to consumer emails.

Discount                                    Last Chance

More Tips

1.Keep the subject line short
2.Make one powerful  point in the subject line
3.Personalise your email with the name of the person rather than “Hi everyone”.

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