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What would doubling or tripling your sales results mean to your bottom line?

This invaluable Sales Skills live Workshop teaches you the skills and techniques you will need on the telephone, LinkedIn and email to get more leads, appointments and close more sales.

Strategy is all that matters, and you have the opportunity to learn tried and tested formulas from an expert for converting inbound calls, making cold calls, follow-up calls, calls to existing customers and calls to inactive customers. Not only that, you will walk out with a script for making an appointment and a sale that you can use the very next day.

Join us IN SYDNEY for our
famous one day workshop:

This invaluable Sales Skills Workshop teaches you the skills and techniques you will need on the telephone to get more leads, appointments and close more sales. You will leave the course with much more confidence and motivation to get on with the job of cold calling and prospecting. You will be able to call your past and existing customers without feeling a pest, and you’ll be able to follow-up mail-outs and quotes without fear of rejection. Armed with your new skills, you will have more purpose and you will be able to achieve better results immediately.

This public workshop is held monthly in Sydney and on request in other states of Australia. It can also be customised to your needs and conducted in-house.

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Join us online for our
two part virtual workshop:

No longer do you have to travel to this event. This workshop is conducted live via zoom online meetings. It is interactive, fun and confidence building. Delivered by telesales expert and virtual presenter, Jenny Cartwright.
Everyone worldwide and interstate can attend these public sessions by joining our weblink which will be sent to you a week before the event.

Interactive and engaging – Part I and Part II – Each session one week apart is a 2.5 hour live face to face online workshop. Numbers limited to 12.
In-session interaction and open Q & A with Jenny Cartwright – Australia’s leading telesales trainer. Homework tasks in between sessions will be given and corrected by Jenny Cartwright to reinforce the learnings.

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“I have never received so much positive feedback from staff. They all enjoyed the workshop immensely and found the exercise very worthwhile. Ray & Georgia from my department (marketing) have utilized some of the processes with great success. For our February presentations we had record attendees , with Ray achieving an all time record for a new employee. I have no hesitation in recommending your workshop within my network. Congratulations on a job well done.”

— Paul Ralston – Sales & Marketing Manager, Lanteri Partners


An Online Telesales Training Course Which Will Transform Your Sales Results

This online telesales training course is for sales people to learn outbound and inbound telephone sales skills in their own time. It is self paced and has the potential to turn sales professionals into telesales superstars using the techniques and 30 years of telesales experience of the writer, Telesales Expert, Jenny Cartwright. There are 6 modules with quizzes, tasks and videos to reinforce the learnings.

You cannot afford to leave anyone in your sales and customer service division without this online telesales training if you want them to get results from the start.

INVESTMENT: 1–10 people – US$199 per person


Click on Module headings to expand the details

Before you ever start making calls, it is good to know what you need to prepare beforehand, to make sure your campaign is as successful as it can be. For full details click on each module title below.


Learning Outcomes
  • This unit explains the essential ingredients for a successful telemarketing campaign before you start
  • Understand what you need to have in place before you start a campaign
  • Know the functions necessary for a good database system
  • Understand why it is important to have a script
  • Be able to source a list of targeted new prospects
  • Be able to schedule calls to existing and inactive customers as well as prospects for follow-up
  • Set goals
  • Create a system for measuring success
  • Set objectives for each call
  • Maintain a positive attitude

Having done our preparation in Module 1 we are now ready to make sales calls. However, you can have all the sales skills in the world but if your tone and the words you use on the phone are not positive, then you may cause resistance and get rejection right from the start. This lesson is about making you sound fantastic on the phone so the prospect or customer enjoys talking to you and wants to stay on the phone. You will sound energetic, positive, inspirational and empathetic through your tone and your words. It is vital you demonstrate these qualities throughout the call.


Learning Outcomes
  • This lesson teaches you five ways to change your tone, how to use more positive words and etiquette
  • Demonstrate a professional voice on the phone and on voicemail
  • Use positive language
  • Recognise good telephone etiquette
  • Answer the phone and close a conversation professionally
  • Get past the gatekeeper

Now that you have your communication right, you can start to get ready to make a professional sales call. You will use a 7-step process and in this module you will focus on how to open the call and build rapport rather than dumping your information all over the customer. The best salespeople are good listeners, not good talkers. When you ask questions to get to know your customer’s situation or pain, you can sit back to listen to your customer’s answers and plan in your mind how you are going to present your sales pitch once you know what the customer is really looking for.


Learning Outcomes
  • How to start a cold call
  • Open a cold call with an interest grabber
  • Leave an effective voicemail message
  • Build rapport using questions
  • Demonstrate listening skills to build rapport

You will notice that, up until now, you have been doing very little talking on the telephone. You have been building rapport by asking open-ended questions and demonstrating listening skills to learn about the customer’s real needs. Now it is time for you to talk about what you have to offer, making the presentation relevant to the customer’s needs. Alternatively you might want to close for an appointment straight after the script you wrote in your Task of Module 3. In this module we look at the skills you need to do this.


Learning Outcomes
  • Make an appointment
  • Create a compelling sales presentation
  • Understand the ingredients of a good sales presentation
  • Use trial closes
  • Recognise buying signals
  • Close a sale

Although every company is different in procedure, success in telephone selling still revolves around three things:

  1. the type and quality of the questions that are asked in the rapport building stage,
  2. the power of the script, and
  3. the ability to handle every objection that arises.

In this module, you will see how the objections can be handled easily so that you can continue the conversation. The key is to write every objection down as it comes up, find a way to overcome it and have the scripted answer typed on the wall in front of you so you never stall again. You will also learn how to do cross-selling and up-selling.


Learning Outcomes
  • Handle a variety of objections
  • Use a trial close bridge
  • Practice an up-sell
  • Initiate a cross-sell

This module teaches you how to do your follow-up calls to quotes, information sent out, existing customers, inactive customers and sales. You will also learn how to handle inbound sales enquiries, ask for referrals, write professional emails and overcome call reluctance, should that disease ever occur. Finally you will get twelve tips on offering great customer service.


Learning Outcomes
  • Follow-up quotes
  • Follow-up mail-outs/information sent
  • Follow-up existing customers
  • Follow-up inactive customers
  • Follow-up sales and ask for referrals
  • Handle and Qualify inbound sales enquiries
  • Ask for referrals
  • Write professional emails
  • Conquer call reluctance
  • Plan your customer service plan


Sales Coaching One-On-One

Through the process of sales coaching sales people improve performance faster.

Sales is like a sport. If you wanted to be good at a sport, you would get a coach to get better faster. The profession of sales is no different.

For interstate and overseas clients, sessions are conducted on online zoom meetings face to face.

Each individual will have their own coaching needs so coaching is customised to them. It moves a person forward from where they are now to where they would like to be far faster than they could advance on their own.

Coaching is proven to work when there are two factors present:

1. The client is willing to grow
2. There is a gap between where they are now and where they need to be

We ask that clients come up with two or three goals, actions or breakthroughs they want to achieve between sessions. We arm them with the skills, then ensure we make them accountable for their own success.


“I have benefited from Jenny Cartwright’s coaching for one year so far. I commend coaching in general, as I believe it is an important component of personal development. I commend coaching by Jenny Cartwright, in particular, because of her vast knowledge and experience. She has a unique ability to keep focussed and on track and is willing to encourage by sharing your delight when results are achieved.”


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