I am aiming to educate businesses, consumers and government about the real problem with the telemarketing and call centre industry in Australia.

My call to action was the introduction of the Australian Do Not Call Register which is to be launched on May 30 2007.

The Government is spending $33.1 million establishing and running the register which is only going to stop 20% of the 800 million calls Australian telemarketers make each year. We will still get 80% of the calls which annoy us at home because charities, political parties, government bodies, religious organisations, educational institutions and voice broadcasting are exempt.

One of the main reasons the register was set up was to stop the nuisance calls from Indian call centres, but the register can’t stop that unless the person ringing is linked to an Australian organisation.
Telemarketing is a profession which requires a high level of skill to be successful. The reason telemarketers get a bad name is that they have had no sales training, come across as unprofessional, and many have an accent that can barely be understood by the Australian prospect. ”

My passion for the last 12 years has been to train businesses, sales and telemarketing staff how to sell professionally on the phone. I believe all salespeople should be trained in telephone selling skills, not just telemarketers.”Sales people may not see themselves as practicing telemarketing. They call it “prospecting” which requires exactly the same skills as a telemarketer needs.” In addition they require telephone sales skills to make appointments, follow up quotes, mail-outs, existing customers, sales and inactive customers.

When telemarketers and sales people are trained, they are less intrusive, more professional and receive less rejection. The bottom line is they get more sales.

I believe that
If the government had spent money on setting standards for training requirements before telemarketers unleashed themselves on the public, we would not be receiving the nuisance calls we have today. It could also have saved the money spent on the Do Not Call Register.”

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