Story found in Powerlift Nissan Magazine Oct 08

“We have a had a few months now of considerable success from our telemarketing team, Annette McVeigh and Sandra Webb in Sydney.

In June ’07, we decided to contract a telemarketing specialist consultant to advise us on what world class telemarketing should look like.

Jenny Cartwright was approached by the company to help us redesign our telemarketing process, and with the help and cooperation of both Annette and Sandra we have seen our service sales leads grow significantly over the last two months.

At the time of writing mid August we already have signed 13 new customers and 20 trucks to PMP Service Contracts in Sydney, so far this month, as a direct result of leads from Annette and Sandra.
Annette and Sandra have attended Jenny’s successful Sydney sales training course, designed and implemented an agreed telemarketing script and generally lifted the professionalism of our dealings with potential customers.

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