Is Honesty Important In Sales?

Having just returned from a gorgeous holiday on the islands of Mykonos, Paros, and Santorini, I’ll never forget what happened on Santorini.

We arrived by boat at the port and could not see a single taxi to take us to our hotel. An excited, prospecting salesperson standing outside the car hire office, took his opportunity to invite us in and proceeded to sell us the idea of hiring a car.  He asked how long we were there for (only 24 hours) and said that hiring a car would be our best option.  Then we could see the whole island. “Anyway”, he said, “a taxi to your hotel would cost 30 euros, taxi to the airport next day 30 euros and I will give you a good deal of 80 euros including petrol and insurance  to hire the car for a day with a drop off at the airport. It seemed like a good idea so this is what we did.  We realised hiring a car at the port was not probably the cheapest place to hire a car but it was at least convenient.

When we got to the hotel, out of interest, I asked how much a taxi from the port would have cost.  I was told 15 euros . It would be the same price to the airport and the car hire place next door would have been half what we paid!

Hmmm.  We felt ripped off.  

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Life Lessons from Telemarketing

I often think that telemarketing and telephone sales is the best personal development training tool in the world. It teaches you to set goals which enables you to focus on getting what you want, how to handle rejection which helps with any knock backs you get in life later on, to exercise self discipline by doing the most important thing (the calls) even when you may not feel like it and to celebrate when you achieve success.

I can think of several people I worked with when working as a seminar promoter making 100 calls a day to promote Anthony Robbins and Tom Hopkins. They, like me, are all running their own successful businesses today. Making those calls was just the best training ground ever and really built our characters.

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