How To Ask For Referrals

A telephone call to a happy customer is the ideal way to find referrals and new prospects. This call should be a natural part of the sales process but, sadly, not a lot of salespeople bother once they have made a sale.

So what stops you from asking for a referral?

Perhaps you feel embarrassed having to ask or perhaps you feel you might be putting your customer in a difficult spot, because he may not know anyone to recommend to you. Well, like there is a process in every step of the telesales call, there is also a process for asking for the referral. It is easy when you know how. Then you will have more confidence to do it.

The obvious people to give you referrals are your customers who have recently bought from you. When you call them one or two weeks after they have bought from you, to check they are happy with their purchase, they will not only be impressed that you bothered to call, but they will be only too pleased to assist you.

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