How To Handle Objections

Do you ever find yourself struggling when someone throws up an objection and you find yourself saying “Oh, Okay then goodbye”, instead of trying to overcome their objection? The best sales people are masters of objection handling.  Here’s how.   PART 8 QUICK VIDEO TIPS – HOW TO HANDLE OBJECTIONS If you prefer to read … Read more

How To Convert Procrastinators Into Buyers

You know the sort – the ones that always say they are going to buy from you in the near future – the ones that ask you to ring again in three months time – the ones who were super keen when you first talked to them and now they have decided not to go ahead at all when you ring back and the ones you have spent hours doing a proposal for and they do not want to proceed.

Here are a few strategies that I have found successful:

1.   First of all ask yourself a few questions like; “How will I change my approach to create more interest for the prospect to go ahead now?”, “What information can I give the prospect that would cause them to say that they were better off taking my call than they were before taking it?”, “What does my prospect want to get and what do they want to avoid?”

2.   When the prospect does not want to do anything yet, ask them a few questions like “What is the real reason you are not going ahead now?”, “Are you saying that because you do not think you are going to get a return on your investment?”, What decision making criteria did you use to make this important decision?”

3.   Become a problem solver. Come up with some thoughts such as; “Let’s work out how much it is costing you to do nothing about your situation” or “How much time are you spending on _____ and “How much is that costing you right now?” Then ask, “How long do you want to go on wasting that (time or money)?”

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How To Handle The Objection “I Want To Think It Over”

I wonder how many times you have said “I want to think it over” to a salesperson? Probably the same number of times that I have. So what are you, the customer, really thinking when you say that? It’s probably one of these thoughts:-

1.”I need to find out more about this, you were not able to give me the information I was looking for so I am not going to buy from you.”

If you cannot talk knowledgeably about your product and answer his questions, you are bound to lose the sale. When you get the objection, ask the customer “What specifically do you need to know to help you make a decision on this?” If you don’t know the answer, offer to have your superior, who knows more, to call him back to keep him interested.

2.”I do need to discuss all this with my partner before making a decision”

This could be perfectly legitimate so honour it and make sure you make a time to ring back to get a decision. “I quite understand _____(name) it is a very important decision. Howabout I give you a couple of days to do this and give you a call back on ______ (in 2 days time). Is it better to reach you in the morning on this number or the afternoon?”

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How To Overcome the Objection – “Just Send Me The Information”

Let’s face it , we don’t want to be spending our time sending information out to people who are not really interested and 90% of people who say “Just send your information ” early in the sales conversation on the phone are in fact not really interested. Our job is to find the 10% who are. Remember if you are a good salesperson, you will be following up the person you sent information to so you want to make damn sure they are vaguely interested before you send them anything. Otherwise you are going to get heaps of rejection on the follow-up call and you will try to avoid that kind of call in the future. Here are some ways to respond to this objection to help you separate the real buyers from those prospects who will just end up wasting your time.:-

1. I’ll be happy to send you some information but first, I feel I must ask you a couple of questions to make sure this is suitable for you and I am not wasting your time. (Ask a couple of open-ended pain questions to make them feel they have a problem )

2. Certainly, I can send you some information. If it does fit what you are looking for, when do you think you would be ready to move forward on this?

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Scripting your Sales Processes

You might be the greatest salesperson on the phone in your organisation but when your new prospect calls you back to order, the person answering the phone on the frontline of your organisation has not been trained in telephone sales skills and his/her manner loses you the order. First impressions of your company are made by a person’s phone answering manner in the first 15 seconds.

I called a company the other day in response to a big expensive advert in the newspaper. I wanted the special offer they were advertising but the person answering the phone told me she had heard nothing about a special offer and it would be prices as normal. I could not really believe what I heard. This company was spending huge dollars on advertising but the marketing department had not yet had time to alert the people answering the phone about the offer and how to sell it. What a waste!

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