12 Ways To Improve Sales Performance

“Oh Gosh”, I hear you cry, “it’s the end of the financial year again. What am I going to need to do to improve sales performance in the next financial year?” You could start by asking yourself 2 profound questions like:-

“Which of my behaviours must I change to become a better salesperson?”

“Which of our company’s sales strategies need to change to get more business?”

Well, if you don’t know the answer to either of those you could get me to come in and review your current strategies online and offline to come up with a plan for you. Have a free 15 minute chat with me on 02 9427 3479 this week. Afternoons are best to reach me this week.

12 Ways to Improve Sales Performance

Give yourself a mark out of 10  for each of these statements:

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How To Find Prospects To Call

Remember 80% of your current business comes from 20% of your existing customers so it is important to call existing customers on a regular basis.

However, as you know in sales, it is important to keep filling the pipeline with potential customers (i.e. prospects). Cold calling is therefore vital to practice in order to stay in business.

Think about it, if everyone in your company learnt how to do 10 cold calls a day and they connected with 4 people, how big could your business grow? They could do that at the beginning of the day, get their 4 prospects and then cold calling would be over for the day.

“Yes, but where do I find leads?” I hear you cry.

“Who can I call?”

The most important factor in telemarketing is to have a really good list of people to call that you can build a relationship with over time.

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