Questions To Use On A Telephone Sales Call

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The Most Powerful Questions To Ask In The Sales Process

If you were asked to analyse the questions you ask of people before starting to talk about what you have to offer (which is what I hope you do), could you say that you have a good balance between questions that evoke logical answers and questions that evoke emotional answers? What percentage of your questions are logical compared to emotional?  I hope there is a good balance because people buy on emotion and justify with logic. If you never ask emotional questions, then your sales results might not be as good as they have the potential to be.

When you ask logic questions, the emphasis is focusing on talking about price, getting the appointment, the types of programmes and services you have, the technical information. When you ask questions that evoke the emotion, you are getting out of the customer why they would want what you have. You talk about the effects and outcomes of using your service, the peace of mind, the relief, ease, fun and excitement.

Here are some ideas of questions you could ask that evoke the emotion

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