How To Do The Follow-Up Call

How meticulous are you about the follow-up of every person to whom you mail information or send a quote? Making a commitment to do this will increase your sales dramatically if done professionally. There is really no point in sending information out unless you plan to follow it up.

It is usually in the follow- up that success is achieved and the sale is closed. It is important to ask the customer how long he/she thinks they need to review the information and then schedule a time to call back to discuss it further one to three days later.
That way the customer knows you are going to ring back and that they have committed to have read the material by then.

Here are 5 Tips for the Follow-Up Call

1.   It is not  good to call back starting with a closed question like “Did you get the information I sent you?” Remember here, you are back in rapport building mode and need to be asking open-ended questions that cannot get “yes” and no answers. These will give you more information about what the customer wants and they start with “What”, “Why”, “How”, “Which”, “Why”, “When”, “Who”. I recommend you say:-

“Good morning Mr —— I am calling to discuss /review the information on ———– What specifically was of interest to you? How specifically did you feel this could benefit you?” or “What could happen to your organisation if you incorporated some of these ideas?” (put them into a picture of the future as if they are already using you.)

2.   When the customer answers, don’t jump in with a close immediately or launch into what you can do for them. Be a good listener, pause for a moment in silence and ask them to tell you more about that e.g. “That’s interesting, say more about that” or ask an open-ended question like “Why’s that?” The skill to be silent for a moment after the customer responds is powerful.

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