Every day I get calls asking me if I know of someone who could do their lead generation and appointment setting because they do not want to do telemarketing themselves. Well, now there is a solution at a very low cost from a company called More Leads Please in the Philippines.

The CEO of this company, David Warne,  understands Australian business frustrations with doing cold calling.  He has employed me to train his staff when leading Crowne Catering and Tall Ships.  Then he moved his Tall Ships reservations and sales generation to a start up call centre in the Philippines.  He confirmed to me the mindset and work ethic of the people in call centres is very different to here.  They love their work and work very hard. I thought you would enjoy this video to see the fun they have there.  Watch More Leads Please Call Centre Video

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David understands telemarketing and the need for agents to have good English, telephone sales training and fun at work to get results. He has a a goal to build  the most inspirational workplace in South East Asia. His agents have to be university educated and have a good command of English to get employed.  The result  is I am now training his people on an ongoing basis how to sell on on the phone and he is providing his agents with English speaking communication coaching and a unique Australianisation programme for one week before they start my sales training.

As a special offer to my clients who choose to use this service, I will write your script, personally train your own agents and monitor the results. Alternatively you can deal with More Leads Please yourself without any extra fee from me for $11.90 an hour per agent.  You can have as few as one or two telemarketers or more, it’s your choice. The website with all the information for outsourcing your campaign is
More Leads Please Website    

The only complaint I have had from my clients who have used them so far, is that they could not manage the number of appointments being created!


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