Are you looking for ways to increase your sales? An effective sales strategy involves a number of processes that you can follow. Here are 5 of the best from Jenny Cartwright at Sales and Telesales Solutions

 1. Build the Perceived Value

Getting the product in the customer’s hands is the job of a salesperson. Value creation will help predict the whole thing, as the following equation expresses it: No Value = No Sales.

You must engage with people to sell your product. You must look for ways to pique the interest of these people. That is why you must bring value. Here is a critical caveat; There is a difference between value and perceived value.  You can do that by adding additional services or products to the main product you are selling.  These additions can be things that do not cost you personally much  (eg e-books, a free coaching session, a dvd) but add massive perceived value to the main product or service  you are selling.

This is great news for startups in crowded, competitive spaces and/or the ones that are starting to develop their products. Build the perceived value to increase your sales. It makes it easier to sell your products.

2. Be Ruthlessly Organised

The golden rule of sales in 2021 is a sales action (email or a call) did not happen if it happened but you did not track it in a CRM.

It is impossible to keep all of the contact details, actions items, dates, next steps, email threads, and notes organised in your head. That is why CRMs are critical. If you work within a sales team, then these problems can scale enormously. Salespeople at small businesses and startups need to take heed. It is easy to scale quickly if you have a strict, set process in place.

For bookkeeping expert Peter Wilesmith, a failure to keep organised is essentially setting your business up to fail. “If you’re starting your own business, you’re basically in charge of everything. It is vital that you know where all contacts are, all your files are, basically everything. Losing one piece of the jigsaw so to speak will mean you’re never able to get it back, and it will all slowly unravel into total chaos.”

also use CRMs to track your sales performance and output. It is easy to know how your daily and weekly output looks like (in terms of deals progressed, deals created, emails sent, calls made) after using the CRM and you have a couple of weeks of logging information. It makes it easier to set goals for improving your metrics. Improve your metrics to get more deals and closes in your funnel.

3. Have A Next Step At All Times

Many people and most CRMs visualise sales processes in terms of funnels. The deals come in on the funnel’s left side. Then, they go through progressive steps to closing. Finally, they come out the right side of the funnel as a sale. That is why you must have a clear next step on each deal at all times. The step has to have a set date for action. The deal will just sit in your CRM if there is no next step. It will not go anywhere.

Landscaping entrepreneur Patty Leglise believes that all business owners should plan not just one step ahead, but multiple. “If you’re going at your own pace, I can guarantee every single one of your competitors is passing you by. You have to think months in advance to prepare your business for every different possible scenario.”

A salesperson must actively drive their deals through funnels. Do not depend on anyone else to push your deals through. Pushing the deal through does not require charm or charisma or sales tricks. It only requires organisation and dedication.

4.Invest In Automation Tools

You will do a lot of tedious work with every sales process. The work involves searching for contact information, data entry, prospecting, and so on. You cannot avoid the tedious work. Luckily, a lot of the tedious can be automated.

You need to focus on optimising for touches, meaningful conversations whether on social media, email, over the phone, or in-person, per day, week, month, and quarter. Do not forget, you can record this in your CRM.

If you feel like you spend too much time on these tedious tasks, then you might want to invest in automation tools. It is now easy to come up with automation tools for automating your tedious processes. It is time to invest in these tools to save you time.

5. Do Not Ignore The Communication Hierarchy

I know everybody loves how it is great to work from home these days. These days, it is almost impossible to sell products without selling them over the phone or email. The multiple communication methods come with a clear hierarchy in terms of efficacy. Here is a list of the clear hierarchy in order:

– In-person

– Video call

– Phone call

– Email

Richard Gabriel, owner of Mr Highlights Roofing, says that gaining in-person meetings makes it that much harder for customers to say no. “It’s easy to say no when there isn’t a face at the end of the phone, but when you have them face to face and in person, you factor in the emotions and presence of each other. It’s incredibly effective when trying to make a sale, and it works quite often.”

All else being equal, it is much easier to sell more in-person than using the other communication methods.

It is not going to change. In-person sales are more effective. However, it is important to note that as long as you’re conversing with someone, it increases the chances of making a sale. That’s why you should never diminish the importance of a video call or a phone call. After all, we’re always on our near a phone basically every waking minute of the day, right?

If you’ve made it to the end of the article, it shows that you’re not only looking for strategies to increase your sales, but you’re looking to do it right now.

Let the Sales And Telesales Solutions team show you all you need to know, and within weeks, your profit margins will boost.

Article written by Lucas Richardson

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