For Sales and Telesales Success, are sales mindset or selling skills more important?

Have you ever had to reach a Managing Director to sell him your services and played out this scenario?:-

1st Call: You speak to the gatekeeper and she won’t let you speak to the Director

2nd Call: You try again and you are allowed to leave a voicemail message but the Director does not reply.

3rd Call: You call again and leave another voicemail and still no reply.

4th Call: You email the Director but get no reply

5th Call: You call the PA of the Director and you make a phone appointment with him for the next day.

In this case it was your mindset that won over your skill.  You did not give up after the first call.  So often I am reminded how important it is to teach mindset on every course I conduct because, without the right mindset, telesales is just too hard these days.  Having skills without mindset is just not going to work.

Here are my 5 tips for Sales Mindset:

  1. Set Goals

    If you have not decided at the beginning of the day how many calls you are going to make and how many sales or appointments you want , you have nothing to aim for and you are likely to fail. You are just wandering through life letting life happen to you.

  2. Be Persistent

    Never give up.  You can call people who say “No”to you again.  If you truly believe they are a good target market, then it shows you care that they do business with you if you dare to call again.  Find another benefit why they should buy from you – remember people buy for their reasons , not yours.

  3. Focus

    Focus on your customer.  Do not get distracted by doing emails or updating records while you are talking to the customer.  Be present with them while you talk.

  4. Know “Why” your are doing what you are doing.

    Knowing why and what this job is giving you, will keep you motivated to do it and give you purpose.

  5. Be resilient

    Never take rejection personally. Obstacles are put in your way all through life.  See them as part of your personal development.

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