What’s New In 2020 For Sales and Telesales Training?

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Public Workshops now on the zoom online platform

Watch out for public workshops “Telephone, Email and Prospecting Skills To Triple Your Sales” on the zoom online meeting platform. These are designed for  salespeople worldwide who want to save time travelling to a live venue. They are conducted in two 2 hour sessions one week apart.
Check dates here  Homework tasks are given in between the sessions to reinforce the learning and phone scripts are developed during the course.
Customisation for your sales team can be created and conducted on your date choices.

Monthly Group Mentoring

Group mentoring one hour a month to increase your motivation and sales results – Yes, for  results everyone needs a coach, It’s your chance to get all your personal challenges answered  Book Here

Video Workshops

Video workshops of famous public training “How To Triple Your Sales Using The Phone”  can be delivered in 4 one hour sessons. and can be viewed at your chosen time. This would accommodate individuals who may be regionally based or simply those who prefer an accessible learning option for when they can make their own time to do it. $197 per person. Order Here 

One to One Coaching

 One on one coaching is, as always, available on zoom online meetings. Order Here

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