I do hope you had a lovely break and are busy building your sales pipeline and plan for 2019. My intention is to give you some quick and easy ideas each month to win more sales to keep you motivated and active. Remember I will never suggest you do anything that I do not do myself.  That way you know it works.

1.  To Win More Sales – Call all the people you did quotes for last year that you never heard back from .

(Note I said “Call” not email)  This may sound scary because you may think they rejected you or your proposal but you will be surprised to know that 50% of the people never took action or bought anything from a competitor and they are usually open to starting a conversation with you again. I find I can convert 25% of these, i.e. 1 in 4 calls , to do business with me this year. You can say something like ” Hi _____ We did a quote for you last year for ____ and I am curious to know whether the solution (or the product/service) you found has worked out for you. What did you like about it (if they bought elsewhere)? What stopped you from going ahead when you already felt you needed _____? “Just get into a conversation with open-ended questions. “How much has not taking action cost you, do you think?”

2. To Win More Sales – Pick up a phone after an enquiry within 5 minutes

When someone sends you a web enquiry or emails you for a quote, pick up a phone within 5 minutes to thank them for the enquiry and clarify exactly what they need.  You may find they need more than what they are originally asking and you end up selling more and providing a better service for them. People I have coached to do this have literally tripled their sales. It happens to me constantly that my new clients tell me the reason they chose me was because I responded quickly .  Now you might think this shows you are desperate but please change your thinking around that, think instead that you are providing great service.  Doing this also deters the prospect from pursuing other quotes if you can satisfy their needs quickly and easily.

3.  To Win More Sales – Follow up a proposal, mail out , quote within 3 days

When you send a quote or email a proposal out, tell the prospect you will call them in 3 days time to discuss this further in case they have any questions. This not only makes the prospect take action on reading it straight away, it gives you an excuse to give to the gatekeeper why you need to speak to the prospect. The gatekeeper will ask you, ” Is he expecting your call?” and you can legitimately say “Yes”
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I do hope you find my tips useful and, again, I hope you have an awesome Christmas break . You can find all of my past sales tips for extra training here

N.B. I will be available for training in Perth 6, 8, 9 May, Denver/Los Angeles 31 July, Wellington 10 June, Auckland 13 June ,Brisbane 23 and 25 Sept, Melbourne 7, 9 Oct . I will already be there for other training commitments.

Kind regards.

Jenny Cartwright

Your Sales Coach

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